The West Wing

I’ve been watching a lot of The West Wing lately – a truly great TV show. I’m only on season 4 so far, but the quality of the acting and sophistication of the writing is truly amazing.
Sometimes nicknamed “The Left Wing” for its political leanings, the show portrays what goes on behind the scenes at the Whitehouse and the people whose job it is to win elections, pass laws, write speeches and order military strikes, and who are, after all, human beings like you and me.
On first thoughts, one might be tempted to dismiss The West Wing as a show just for politics geeks, but it’s far from that. Consider a TV show about a hospital or a police station – they manage to stay interesting to those not interested in the procedural nature of how a hospital works – only in The West Wing you can be abruptly taken from a light-hearted discussion regarding a potential PR disaster to a life and death terrorist situation. It really iis must see TV (or DVD, since it finished in 2006!)
So if you’ve ever enjoyed other top US shows like 24 or The X-Files, give The West Wing a try.